Building a six figure consulting business from scratch I gave away the store.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Brandon Ellis from Local Maverick and he basically asked me to share how to build a six figure consulting business from the ground up in 90 days.

So I didn’t hold back I gave him everything. When I say everything I mean everything.

From planning your business from day one to articulating your services to setting yourself apart from your competitors to the exact sales process to convert high value retainer clients etc.

The recording is broken up into part A and Part B it is full of ideas strategies tactics and systems anyone can use to grow their offline IM consulting business.

Building a 6 Figure consulting Business Part A​

Building a 6 Figure consulting Business Part B

As well as the recording I have included a copy of the Power Point presentation that I created for the interview with examples of tactics and strategies that will help you in creating a professional consulting business.

Some of the things that are covered in this audio program

How to create a simple 1 page strategic plan to focus on growing a successful business.

How to position your services and articulate your value to clients

How to target businesses that will invest $3K – 6K retainer per month in your services

31 hot trending niche markets that sell high value services to their customers

Multiple lead generation systems that make it easy to prospect and engage clients

How to become an expert authority in any market with 1 phone call

A step by step sales process that will dramatically increase your sales conversions

Consultation questions that will help you convert your prospects into sales

How to easily invite a client to accept your proposal and get paid in advance

How to select your outsourcers and manage your clients so that you look like a hero

Actions and resources to help you get started straight away.