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Meet John Logar, Consulting Unleashed Founder

For the last 25 years as a sales professional, marketing consultant, trainer, international speaker and coach, John has helped clients generate millions of dollars in businesses all around the world in almost every imaginable industry. He has had the unique privilege to have conducted over 5,000 one-on-one strategic focus sessions with Managing Directors, CEOs and Entrepreneurs in over 140 different industry groups. In those focus sessions he was able to see how they grew their businesses, what they did to market their businesses, what worked and what didn’t work, who their customers were, what their strategy and tactics were, their sales processes and their metrics for managing their businesses.

In the last 18 months John has helped launch 27 consulting businesses that have generated over $4.2 million dollars in consulting contracts around the world. Most importantly, John cuts through all the fluff and gives you real actionable strategies that work.

John has an impressive track record.

Here's what some of his clients and colleagues had to say:

​Who are the ‘unsung heroes” in your life? I have been very fortunate to have some awesome mentors, friends, coaches and associates who have all helped me to one degree or another; but there is a chap who has gone a little bit above and beyond lately.

A chap by the name of John Logar.

When I think what this gentlemen has done for me – including perhaps the greatest case of ‘over-delivery’ I have come across. It felt prudent to give him a ‘shout out.’ As well as being one of the best coaches I have ever had, he has an amazing way of making the complex simple…and a brilliant way with people. In fact if it weren’t for John? The agency and myself would likely not exist.​

Dan Meredith

​John is an inspiration to anybody needing great business advice and direction. If you’re looking for self-belief and real strategies that work and are appealing to your marketplace…look no further! In learning about ourselves in business, we need to deal with real people who are knowledgeable, content professionals and especially sincere in what they espouse…I highly recommend John Logar…a great partner in business but more importantly…a good man.

Terry Madden

​John, I got my first client! Coaching plus digital marketing advice. $10,680 for 12 months. Thank you. Now the work begins...


​Thanks John, just finished onboarding a $10k/month client today, and just picked up another $3k/month client today as well.

James Dickerson

​John, just closed a $4k deal from a building lead. Feel like I’m starting to get the fact that I can charge far more for my expertise. Thanks for everything mate.

John McIntyre

​​John told me frankly: “Go and make some money. You have to live on cash. Use what you have to offer and get clients.” Your advice inspired confidence in me, and I took immediate action.

Since then I have pursued and accepted a business development position for a branding agency and am digging into the reading list you gave me. Thanks so much for your time and wisdom!

Blake Stratton

​You know a recommendation is spot on if it stands the test of time and appears unsolicited. Both of those attributes fit this recommendation. I am remiss in recommending John before this, so let me make it up now. John is good. Very, very, good at helping organizations ‘find themselves’ and to get to the right market with the right products and presence, to be seen and to grow.

John will not do the work for you. He will however give the tools, the maps, the tips, and some examples of others that have fallen into holes along the way, and the ones that have changed disasters into successes, so that you might avoid the pitfalls and emulate the successes. He is in touch with his audience and can help you see the way forward for your desired destination. Definitely someone to put on your ‘I need to meet this guy’ list.

David Watson

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